Glossary of Terms

Limited Edition Print. A reproduction of a work of art (drawing, painting) limited to a certain number of prints. These are usually signed by the artist and numbered. For example 5/200 would be print number 5 in an edition of 200 prints.

Note: Numbered prints are still available but numbered prints signed by E. J. Hughes are no longer available.

Giclée. A newer method of full colour printing which has major advantages over “offset litho” printing, which is usually limited to four or six colours. A giclée printer can best be described as a large inkjet printer which can print images onto various media, including textured watercolour paper and canvas. The printer sprays computer-controlled inks, premixed to 256 colours, through microscopic nozzles to create a full colour image without a dot pattern. Like an oil painting, the image is protected by a varnish coating.

Generally, an oil painting will be reproduced on canvas while a watercolour will be printed on paper. By using the same medium as the original painting for the printed reproductions, the prints look even more like the originals.
Art Card
Art Cards. Greeting cards which picture a piece of art and which come with an envelope. They are varied in size, 5″ x 7″ or 6″ x 9″